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Jana Renée was born in Ithaca, NY 1989, but spent her formative years in Fort Worth, TX from 1997-2012 and again presently. Directly out of high school, Jana began taking work as an illustrator of children’s books, which inspired her to pursue a Fine Art degree officially. She received her AA in Arts at Tarrant County Community College in 2011 and won a Merit Scholarship to Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where she received her BFA in Painting in 2015. Jana worked with an Artist Collective in Boston, MA from 2013-2015 showing work at The Blanc Gallery and The French Cultural Center as well as worked on mural projects at The Beat Hôtel in Harvard Square and The Boston Children’s Museum. Since living in Texas, Jana has been a part of Art Tooth, Neighborhood Cult Project, and Inspiration Ally. She has shown work at Fort Works Art Gallery debuting her series Reverie in a solo show in 2017. She continues to work on public art work in the Dallas Fort Worth area in the form of murals with over 25 murals in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

Jana was voted Best Quarantine Art by the Dallas Observer in 2020, Best Artist editors pick in Fort Worth Magazine 2021 and Best Community Mural for both Critics and Reader's choice in 2022. 

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